Why You Should Consider Cold Room Hire

Why You Should Consider Cold Room Hire

Cold room hire should be a primary consideration when catering to the public either at a one-off event or as business levels rise and existing facilities strain with the demand. You’re bound by legislation to ensure that all food is stored correctly and in its optimum condition. Therefore, short cuts like utilising a dark cellar or cupboard, the shade offered by a wall or tree or electing to leave items at room temperature, contrary to good practices, could easily prove much costlier than the fee for temporary cold room hire through a leading service provider, Icecool Trailers.

Please do not disregard the importance of having a go-to and trustworthy, competitively priced cold rooms supplier’s details to hand when emergency refrigeration is required thanks to a breakdown, as you organise an event or cater during peak trading times. Never be forced to turn business away; remember that you’ll offset the cost of hire with the increased revenue.

If you own or manage a restaurant or café, hotel, events venue, school or community centre or exhibit and trade at country, county or food showsthe people consuming your food and drink products believe that you have a duty of care to maintain their health and safety; please don’t let them down. Cold room hire facilities offer you, and your diners, peace of mind.

Cold rooms are highly efficient, can be placed internally or externally and are assembled on site.The hire company sets up the cold room hire facilities, ready for immediate use. They can be powered by mains or generator for flexibility, and at the end of the hire period the hire firm down-powers, collects and returns the cold rooms to their depot. Your work environment and day are disrupted very little and the hygienic, well maintained units will swiftly prove an essential tool.

Staff can work in the units without contravening health and safety regulations, cold room hire facilities are lockable and lit adequately; the doors unlock from the inside and the outside.

In an emergency, time is a crucial factor; reduce downtime and the time that bacteria have to grow, enjoy minimal or no stock loss, less stress and no fuel costs by taking cold rooms.Delivery can be made within 2-4 hours, dependent on the distances involved.

Cold room hire is normally economically preferable to self-drive fridge van alternatives. The hire fees for vehicles inevitably incorporate the MOT, maintenance and fuel charges incurred by the hire firm, plus time demands apply. A full tank is often required on return to the hire firm.

Icecool Trailers has over 25 years of experience and is trusted by NHS trusts and major hotel and restaurant chains for their pre-bookable coldrooms and they have a 24/7 emergency service.

Based in Newbury, Icecool Trailers covers: London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Avon & Somerset, South Wales, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

To learn more and to receive a bespoke quote, please contact their friendly team today.


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