What is software testing all about?


The software is a program developed by an expert keeping the requirements of the process at the centre of the development of the same. However, after the completion of the development one needs to check that the same meets the desired requirements. Software testing is the process where software which is completed in its designs is tested in the level of the customers, and then the feedback is given to the owner about the quality of the services of the software and improvisations needed in some parts. This is the best thing that can be done to get over the risks of the software implementations.

With the advancing facilities in the IT sector available to the people nowadays the demands of the people are also becoming quite a difficult task to be achieved. There are many kinds of testing done and the very basic one amongst all of them is the running of the program with the objective of tracking bugs in the working of the software.

Achievements of the software testing

  • Meets the requirements of the customer for which it was designed and put out.
  • Correctly responds to all the commands which are given by the user.
  • Can be used sufficiently.
  • Performs all the function in the time assigned.
  • Achieves all the expectations of the owners.
  • Can be easily installed and run without even having an idea about the software.

How do the defects come into the software?

The fact is to be noted that there is no such software probably which have bugs due to the improper coding of the program which would run the software. Rather they are found in the software when there is a misinterpretation of the requirements customers.

Further when they are put to the software testing process then the problem is easily tracked, and thus there is an awareness created in the team, and thus after the process, the defects are all debugged by the team and especially the software testing companies. In this way, the software development testing is quite an important process of the whole development of the software. After the software passes through all such process, then it is all set to strike the market.

Defects in the software testing

Like every other thing, this has also got its pros and cons. Pros are much discussed above, and there is a con of the process too. The software testing Services Company which provides tests of the software can only track the bugs which appear frequently. If there is any problem with your software and it is not frequent enough then it is comparatively a difficult job to track the bug, and this is the only issue in the software testing process.

Otherwise, it can track all the problems that arise in the usability, scalability, reliability and other such functions of the software. Testing the software and correcting all the bugs before the launch of the software is quite an economical process as it is afterwards this task becomes very expensive.


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