The ultimate clothing checklist of a badass biker girl

The ultimate clothing checklist of a badass biker girl

Are you a badass biker girl who doesn’t want to compromise on style and comfort when shopping for motorcycle gear? Unfortunately, shopping for stylish and practical biking outfits is not easy for most women riders. According to research, only 14% of motorcycle riders are women. No wonder, most biker girls tend to feel ignored and struggle to buy the right motorcycle gear.

The need for the safe yet stylish biker girl outfits has increased, especially after riders have started analyzing the consequences of an accident. Even the slightest fall on the pavement isn’t forgiving! What’s more, the grunge biker looks for women is one of the season’s biggest trends. So, even if you’re not a trained bike rider you can still take inspiration from this runway look.

Here is the ultimate clothing checklist that will help you sport the chic biker look with ease. Keep reading, if you’re ready for some serious head-to-toe moto classic looks:

1- Distressed denim

You can’t rock the badass biker girl look without a pair of distressed jeans. Denim is extremely versatile,and you can pair it with literally anything in your wardrobe. Wear it with a black tank top and slip on a custom leather jacket over it to complete the look.

Distressed jeans compliment the grunge look you are aiming for. Plus it also helps break the monotony of the outfit. Are you feeling more adventurous? Add your zips and buckles to a pair of jeans to scream the biker girl look.

2- Leather jacket

One way to cement in the chic biker look is to wear a lot of leather. Leather jackets go with motorcyclists like bread and butter. So, there is no way you can go wrong with this one. What’s more, leather can also act as a protective barrier between your skin and the ground in case of a fall. The downside is that buying a leather jacket might make a hole in your wallet.

Do your research before buying a high-quality leather jacket or better yet, look for a brand that deals in custom leather jackets. Wearing a leather jacket tailored according to your body will ensure an excellent fit and will be exactly what you need to pull off a badass biker girl look!

3- Boots

Shoes are a crucial part when it comes to styling a biker girl. You cannot wear pumps or flat sandals if you are aiming for the chic biker look. The safest (and most sexy) option is to wear a pair of boots under your distressed jeans or leather pants. If you want to experiment, try wearing a caged heel or Doc Martens to look even more daring.

We are head over heels in love with Gwen Stefani’s biker girl look. Take inspiration from her studded boots and don’t forget to tuck in your jeans to complete the look!

4- Accessories

You can’t expect to complete the look without some chunky accessories. Motorcycles are synonymous with machinery and metal, so find the right biker accessories to take your biker girl look a notch up.

Anything with silver chains, buckles, zips,and studs make brilliant accessories. If you want to add a truly personal touch then try creating your unique jewelry with washers, springs or bolts.

Another way to accessorize your biker girl outfit is to wear a grungy scarf with skulls or tattoo patterns. To score bonus points, choose a tank top with a huge skull right at the center. Don’t forget to complete the look with black nail polish!

Black leather gloves with black fur trimmings also work exceptionally well when it comes to accessorizing.

5- Bandana

It’s time to add some finishing touches to your biker babe look. Wearing a bandana on your head or tying it around your neck or wrist can look pretty cool. If you’re tying the bandana on your head, simply fold it into a long strip and tie it like a headband. This gives quite a rugged look which adds to the biker chick appeal in way more than you can imagine.


We hope this ultimate clothing and accessories checklist for biker girls was helpful in creating your own biker chick wardrobe. It is a great guide for beginners who are looking for something more practical than raunchy leather skirts.

Even if you don’t own a motorbike, there is no reason why you should let your style take a back seat. So, don a rebellious leather jacket with a pair of distressed jeans and some high heels to rock the biker babe look like no tomorrow.

Do you have any more clothing essentials that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below:

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