The impact of a head down position during the course of pregnancy

The impact of a head down position during the course of pregnancy

The moment you touch around 32 weeks of pregnancy the head of the baby is facing towards the birth canal. Till this point of time it was indeed easy for the baby to rotate from the head up to the head down position. This goes by the name of cephalic presentation as it would mean that there is a lot of space in the uterus. There are some babies who are going to turn down their heads towards delivery pretty late and this could be even before a few minutes the delivery is about to take place. This goes by the name of lightening.

So the differenthead down position baby is not an ideal scenario during the course of delivery. But if a head down baby position is assured the delivery is going to be easy. This would be for the simple reason that the head of the baby is going to come out first.  Let us now figure out the various types of cephalic presentation.

Vertex presentation

In the case of singletons this does happen to be the most common position. The back of the baby faces the tummy with the face towards the spine. You can state that this works out to be an ideal position for birth as the baby is lined up in such a manner that they can pass through the pelvis easily. In certain cases the head of the baby may be tilted towards the side and this is not a major problem at all.

Face presentation

If you find that the head is extended then the face does go on to emerge as the leading part. This type of presentations account for less than 1 % in case of total birth.Though this is a position that you are more likely to come across when it is a premature baby.

Brow presentation

This could emerge when the face or the head of your baby is slightly extended as if the face of the baby is looking up. This is a position that you are likely to come across more in case of post mature babies.

Now let us understand on how to get the baby down to head down position?

By week 36 if the baby does not reach a cephalic position, there are steps that could be taken to ensure that would enable them to change their position. You would need to discuss with your health care professional before you begin

  • First and foremost you would need to change over to a sitting position. This would ensure that the pelvis would be forward when you sit and at the same time the knees are never higher than the hips.
  • You would need to get into a comfortable position and then scrub the floor. In case when you happen to be all fours it does help the baby to change position and then come over in front of your belly.
  • When you are sitting using a cushion


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