Prevent oily skin with these few good tips


Oily skin is the worst thing to deal with at times. Oily skin is a hub for growth of pimples, white heads, black heads and will make you perpetually look like you’ve doused your face with oil. However this has solutions and the tips to fix it are  given below:

  1. You must get in the habit of checking out the ingredients in everything you use on your face. Make sure that they aren’t oil based. Facial powders and sunscreen gels protect the skin and prevent oil getting inside your skin and clogging the pores. A natural face cleanser for oily skin also works excellently.
  2. Use light moisturizer and sunscreen. If your sunscreen and moisturizer are oil free then you’ll be helping your face a lot. You must choose only non comedogenic cosmetics which are water based. Some people who have oily skin don’t  use sunscreen or moisturizer at all, because they believe that it will add to their misery. Using the right products will benefit your skin enormously. Oily skin needs water based and non comedogenic cosmetics. If you protect and moisturize oily skin properly then you will be protecting your face from harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Instead of using lotions, creams and oil to take off the make up from your skin use a micellar wash. This way nothing will leave a greasy layer on the skin which contributes to acne, oil build up and clogged pores.
  4. Make benzoyl peroxide your best friend. If your oily skin causes acne then over the counter medicine for acne works the best. If you use products that contain benzoyl peroxide then you can kill the bacteria that builds up on the face and causes acne. Not just that, it also cuts back on dry and dead skin which makes a film like layer on the pores and clogs it.
  5. If your acne cream contains sulfur, resorcinol or salicylic acid, then it will help you unclog pores. These products are designed especially to get rid of acne blemishes and to help fix the sores on the skin. There are a number of acne related products available in the market. If over the counter medicines don’t work for you then you can show a doctor who’ll recommend something based on your diet,blood group, skin type etc.
  6. Start using a deep cleaning facial mask to get rid of excess oil. A facial mask gives a better and a deeper better penetration than an ordinary face wash. A facial mask removes the impurities and oil straight from the pores. However, you must use facemasks sparingly because they are  a little harsh on the skin. Make sure your hands are damp when you apply the mask. You must put on the mask sitting in the bathtub, so that you can enjoy you share of relaxation and very little clean up. A natural daily face cleanser for oily skin is very good for you. Keep on the mask for a period of 15 minutes and then wash it or peel it away. Clay acts as a very good ingredient to add to a facemask.


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