Is Apple worth your investment?


The infamous company that is apple, has its branches in almost every country in the world. What was once started by two broke boys with a steadfast vision of success in a garage in Paulo Alto, is now one of the biggest tech conglomerates in the world.

Such immense success did not come easily to apple, the company has been through many a troubled waters to get to where it is currently, and has come close to bankruptcy more times than one. But under the strong leadership of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it has very recently crossed the impressive one trillion dollar evaluation, and will only keep increasing as the clients of apple keep coming back for its state of the art, very reliable products. 

The success of apple comes from the fact that their retention rate is about 90%. Being 92% this year itself, Apple conducts events at which they announce the release of their latest software and products, creating a new bustle of customers rushing to update their gadgets to the latest design. Being more a symbol of status than anything else among the youth, apple largely supersedes other companies when it comes to being the choice preference.

As the earnings aapl date approaches, there is a guaranteed hustle when it comes to stocks. During the time period of earnings, the stock trade volume multiplies six to seven times its regular day trading volume. An in-depth look at the prediction of the earnings calendar and what you should be doing about it has been listed below.

Apple earnings calendar

The next expected earnings date has been set on the 31st of January 2019. If you intend on indulging in the buying and selling of their stocks, you should start your planning immediately.The predictions 3 weeks prior, are incredibly accurate. So if you’re smart, you will work towards putting in motion a set of advances that will ensure you the best spot to trade apple stocks.

The % predicted move after earnings announcement (PMAEA) is a number which governs the markets for stock trade. The number calculated in either direction is around 4%

How do analysts come up with this number?

The calculation of PMAEA is a complicated process which requires the analyst to process statistics of previous earnings date movements while taking into consideration the performance of the company and its stock, any predicted future changes, and shifts in the core values of the company. Considering all the above-mentioned factors, a detailed calculation is made and a final number is arrived upon. This number, which is usually 4%, helps to make a very accurate prediction of the movement of the stocks. If we double this (8%), you get the strike price which indicates whether the stock has risen too high, or fallen too low, thus indicating when it is best to buy the share.

These statistics are on a short-term basis and are meant to give you instantaneous returns. But the stock market is known for its volatility, and you will never know for sure which side it may swing. Nonetheless, Apple still stands a giant amongst men in the tech business, and it is safe to say that it will remain unsurpassed for a very long time.


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