How to cope up with the issue of unwanted touching of the belly button

How to cope up with the issue of unwanted touching of the belly button

You can expect some anticipated changes during pregnancy. Some may be as per the norms, but some may not follow as per the trends you imagine. But one thing least on top of your mind is people touching pregnant bellies. It does become a cause of annoyance for sure. You may feel that the belly does become a community property where anyone can touch it. Your family and close friends may thing of rubbing your abdomen once the pregnancy strikes. You may also not mind if your husband touches your pregnant belly. This though depends on how you are feeling at that particular time of the day. But the difficult aspect is that some people will walk up to you and touching your belly. This does give a message that the concept of mannerism is totally out of the world as well.

Now when they rub your belly? Do they expect the baby to come out from a cloud of smoke? There is literally no one who has the guts to walk up to a woman and touch their breast. Sadly the concept of touching the belly of a woman is widespread in nature. The little kids are going to do it, so to the elders at the same time. They are going to keep their hand on you as long as they do feel the baby move. For some it may give a feeling that they would like to feel the miracle inside you. Now one of the major problems with unwanted touching of the belly button and a woman complains they are oversensitive or hormonal in nature. Do not get into the trap. After all it is your body as you have all the right to say no to someone if you do not want them to do so.

In the case of certain woman they have a degree of luck in touching back. If someone touches your belly just touch them back and ask them on how it feels in the first place. There are a lot of humours T shirt and print material available on the same as well. All this makes us really wonder why people touch pregnant bellies in the first place.

If you do not like to be touched then no one in the world can do so. The question of being rude also does not arise as well. There would be no need to yell and just inform people that you are bothered by it. The same policy does apply for anyone who goes on to lay a hand on you. This could be your aunt or some stranger in the supermarket line.

If someone really walks up to you ask you in a polite manner you can think of allowing them to touch your pregnant belly. If it happens to be your friend you can add a couple of lines as explanation. But for others there is no need to explain things.


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