Coping up with accident when you are pregnant


No one invites an accident. It could emerge at any point of time. Accidental pregnancy abortion is a regular occurrence.  Maybe you might have had a car accident, you could have tripped or fallen or it could be that you have landed on a dump. Now the question as a pregnant woman what is that you can do when an accident occurs! When do you need to get in touch with your health care provider or you might need to head over to an emergency room.

The better news is that uterus does wave its magic in protecting your baby. It is muscular and can withstand any powerful impact. Apart from this the sac of amniotic acid does act as a shock absorber which gives the baby considerable degree of protection.

Even the worst of accidents like a car accident or a form of serious trauma could cause a lot of damage. If the accident is bad it can lead to a tear of the membranes which holds the amniotic fluid. Though the biggest danger would be that the placenta tears away from the uterus. This happens at a partial or complete level which is referred to as placenta disruption. When such disruptions occur it can lead to miscarriage.

What can be done?

It all depends upon the accidental pregnancy causes. How serious happens to be accident and which trimester of pregnancy you are currently.

In case if you are part of a minor accident where your car collides with another car, the air bags do not deploy, you happen to be in the first trimester of pregnancy stay calm. Do make a call to your health care provider and explain to him what has happened. They are likely to call you over to the office to understand what has happened.

Now what about a serious car accident. If the air bags in the car has gone off you might be taken over to the nearest emergency centre for a detailed check-up. This also goes on to show whether you were injured in any other way during the accident, may be a fracture, cut or lost consciousness. Do inform the medical team that you are pregnant and state the month of pregnancy you are currently at. Hand them over the number of your midwife or primary doctor.

At the emergency room you are subject to a detailed evaluation and an ultrasound is done. You could be asked to stay at the ER for a few hours for observation. This would ensure that your condition is stable. If any other type of accident has occurred may be a fall or accidental slipping down do get in touch with your health care provider.

In the weeks after the accident do keep a watch on the various types of symptoms. This could be in the form of vaginal bleeding or swelling in the face or the arms. If you notice any such symptoms discuss with your health care provider.


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