A Complete Guide to First Time Visitors to New York

A Complete Guide to First Time Visitors to New York

Are you visiting New York City for the first time? The city that never sleeps, where there are endless things to do and see. You can find people from different parts of the world visiting the city for either professional reasons or simply as a tourist.

For first-time visitors it is important to know little about this vibrant city so that you do not get a big surprise after arriving here. Therefore, this piece of writing is especially meant for such visitors, who have heard a lot about the city but never visited before.

You may also visit the website tripindicator.com/new-york-tourist-attractions-map.html to get first-hand information about the city and while visiting NYC, you also must have the latest New York tourist attractions map, in case your intention of visiting is to just see the city as a tourist.

Your arrival points of location

In order to visit NYC, you have three choices of airports – JFK airport, Newark at New Jersey and LaGuardia. In case, you land at JFK or Newark then you can reach NYC through train or subway. However, if you land at LaGuardia then taxi is the only option and you will encounter traffic of NYC while travelling through Manhattan. If you go for shuttle service, you can save some money.

How to move around NYC?

In case, you are not carrying too much baggage then the best way to commute will be through subway route. However, with lots of luggage, it will be difficult to go through various stairs and sidewalks and restaurants. In case, you want to store your baggage for couple of hours then there are number of locations available at NYC.

Notice the surroundings while walking and crossing the roads and follow other people in order to get familiar with the road rules. Try to find out about various public conveyances available and get yourself acquainted with it. As a matter of fact, all such information you can find out online and you must have knowledge about them before arriving in the city.

What you must see in New York?

There are number of places to visit at NYC if you have come here as a tourist, following must be in the list of your itinerary:

  • Time square
  • St. Patrick‚Äôs Cathedral
  • Empire State Building
  • Bryant Park
  • New York Public Library
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Bronx Zoo if you are travelling with your kids
  • Coney Island
  • Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn or the Bronx

Where should you stay

Prefer to stay in such place which should be walkable distance from any subway station, however you have to keep in mind that hotel at NYC is very costly. Following are few lists of hotels that you can choose:

  • 414 Hotel
  • Casablanca Hotel Times Square
  • EVEN Hotel Times Square South
  • Hotel Giraffe
  • Library Hotel
  • NobleDEN Hotel
  • The Bryant Park Hotel
  • The Pearl Hotel

You can also look for more option for great hotels on Booking.com, on TripAdvisor, or find a few different hotel choices on the internet.


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